The European P2P platform Robo.Cash has just added new investment opportunities from Singapore – long-term commercial loans for up to 12 months. They are provided by the Singaporean company of Robocash Group, which supports the management and service of group’s companies in Southeast Asia. For investors, this is a completely new product as they will be able to invest in the development of the business. Also, is the first platform in Europe to introduce investment opportunities from Singapore.

The fully automated P2P platform has launched a new product – long-term commercial loans, which will be provided by the Singaporean company of Robocash Group. Now, users of the platform can invest in the development of the group in Southeast Asia. Moreover, this is the first opportunity in Europe to invest in Singapore through a P2P lending platform.

Established within the financial holding Robocash Group, Robocash PTE. Ltd. has been active in Singapore since September 2015. This is a holding company, which supports the management and servicing of the operating entities of the group in the SEA region. It will be adding loans to within the partnership of the platform with RC Riga – a special purpose vehicle providing secured financing to the companies of Robocash Group.

As Robocash PTE. Ltd., the P2P platform and RC Riga all belong to the single financial group, users of will receive a 100%-buyback guarantee on all investments.

The loans from Singapore will be listed in EUR and issued for a period of up to 12 months. The standard interest rate on them is expected to be 10% p.a. However, to celebrate the new opportunity, will provide its users with an annual return of 11% for all loans signed until December 31, 2019.

Sergey Sedov, Chief Executive Officer of Robocash Group commented: “Operating for nearly three years and attracting funds for companies of Robocash Group, the P2P lending platform has proven its efficiency. Its integration with Robocash PTE Ltd. is the next strategic step for us. As the company supports the management and servicing of the group’s business in Southeast Asia, the integration will accelerate its development in the region. At the same time, investments in business will be a totally new product for the users of Moreover, our platform is the first in Europe to introduce investment opportunities from Singapore.”

ABOUT is a fully automated P2P platform based in Zagreb, Croatia. Launched in February 2017, it is open for investors from the European Union and Switzerland. The platform offers to invest in short-term consumer loans with a profitable annual interest rate of 12%. As the majority of loans on are PayDay Loans with a repayment period of up to 30 days, the platform ensures a high turnover of funds. There are also Instalment Loans for up to 12 months, for which there is a secondary market.

Secure investments

The P2P platform is a part of the international financial holding Robocash Group, which originated in 2013. Apart from the platform, the group comprises lending companies in 7 countries of Europe and Asia. One distinctive feature of the platform is the “peer-to-portfolio model” it is based on, which gives an opportunity to invest in the single portfolio of Robocash Group. Thus, all integrated loan originators on are affiliated lending companies of the group. Such operation principle ensures 100% buyback guarantee for all loans and increases the security of invested funds. If the loan repayment is delayed for more than 30 days, the loan is bought back on the 31st day of overdue, and the earned interest is paid out to investors for both the loan term and the buyback period.

Automated investment process

Investing on is easy – as the process is fully automated, investors only need to sign up, create a portfolio and choose preferable settings in the personal account. Other procedures, such as selection of loans, transfer, reinvestment and withdrawal of funds are performed by the artificial intelligence embedded into the platform. This makes the investment process simple, eliminates the need for investors to monitor the portfolio and saves their time. offers investors several options: it is possible to reinvest the full amount or principal amount only, automatically withdraw the funds or keep them on the balance. There is also a possibility to invest in a loan partially, minimizing the risks.
The minimum investment on is as little as 10 EUR, which is comfortable for new investors, as this is enough to test the platform before investing bigger amounts. It is important to note that does not charge any fees or taxes from investors. Funds are deposited to the platform in EUR from personal bank accounts of investors.

Further development

Since the launch, has shown significant growth. For the entire period of operation, the platform has attracted 8 million EUR of investments and financed over 1 million loans in the amount of 90 million EUR. Overall, there are more than 6,800 registered users on As mentioned earlier, the P2P platform is operating within the international holding Robocash Group, and its further development largely depends on the plans of the group. Having lending companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and India, the group is now aimed at developing existing markets and increasing the share of Asian lending companies in its portfolio. This will allow to increase the volume of available loans and diversification on in the future, bringing new opportunities for investors.

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