Goodville – Interactive mobile game that helps you fight depression. Depression is the most common mental illness. Globally, it affects over 350 million people. There are so many factors that can contribute to the problem, and it impacts everyone differently.
Nearly 70% of people play video games regularly. Many people play on their smartphones, while others go the more traditional route and hook up a gaming PC or console. As you might expect, due to the number of people struggling with depression in the world, there’s likely some overlap between gamers and people with depression. While some people might think the two would be linked in a negative way, that’s just not true.

Funding target: 375000€
Funding limit: 450000€
Loan purpose: Development
Kuetzal Care: yes
Investment buy-back: yes
Interest payment: monthly
Maturity payment: after 12 months

Start investing from 10/12/2019.

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