Today we received updates from Crowd Estate. The prebooking period is over and this investment opportunity is now open for all investors.

Sponsor Baltic Forest OÜ has been operating since 2013 and has set the goal of establishing the most efficient sawmill industry in the Baltic States. In 2015, a complex of properties was acquired, including the Paikuse sawmill that had been used by Stora Enso so far.

There are several good reasons to participate in funding our “Baltic Forest OÜ (IX)” investment opportunity:

  • The company’s current development has responded to the business plan submitted by the Sponsor to investors.
  • The company’s business, production, and sales activities have started.
  • The company’s sales revenue reached EUR 8.1 million at the end of last year.
  • The owners’ expertise during the plant reconstruction and start-up phase (realization of the activities and schedule in the initial business plan).
  • Monthly interest payments.
  • Attractive expected rate of return – 16.02% p.a.
  • Collateral mortgage on the registered immovables of the company and owners personal guarantee in the loan amount.

Total investment amount available for Crowdestate’s investors is 1950000 €.
Investment horizon is 13 months.
Expected annual return is 16.02%.

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